The Truth Behind 6 Common Essay Writing Service Myths & Misconceptions

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The concept of myths and misconceptions has been present in society from time immemorial. And in most cases, these misconceptions arise due to a lack of understanding.

For example, many people believe young people with tattoos are troublemakers that are not serious about their life choices. But perhaps they don’t know that the person they are judging has completed their PhD and is a respectable professor in a reputable institute.

Such misconceptions often dictate people’s actions.

Consider the case of Emily Brighton, a first-year philosophy student in an esteemed college in the UK. Even though Emily had to be hospitalised once, she refused to hire cheap essaytyper services in the world because she believed these online academic websites were nothing but trouble.

But in reality, if only she had cleared her misconceptions regarding these services, then she wouldn’t have had to struggle with her essays while hospitalised.


What are the 6 Common Misconceptions about Online Academic Writing Services?

The popularity of online urgent assignment help services in the world amongst students has skyrocketed in recent times due to the struggle with intense academic pressure. However, there is still some hesitation to completely rely on such services during emergencies.

After interviewing hundreds of students, it became pretty clear that some common misconceptions and myths were responsible for holding these students back. For example, most students believe that –

  • The experts at essay writing services plagiarise content from online sources.
  • The students’ personal data will be compromisedif they hire writing services online.
  • Students will land in troubleif they resort to hiring professional experts.
  • The solutions provided will not be up to the academic standardsexpected in top institutes.
  • Students will have to shell out obscene amounts of moneyto hire professional essay writers.
  • The experts will delay the submission, and the students will miss the deadline.

There are plenty of reasons why such misconceptions arise in the first place. In general, people aren’t very accepting of new services and view them with suspicion. Furthermore, negative reviews from unsatisfied students have also played a critical role in harming the reputation of such services.

But in reality, these essay writing services are a boon for students who need additional guidance to breeze through their assignments.

Finding the Truth Behind These Myths and Misconceptions

Removing preconceived notions is always a challenging task. But my only goal in digging up the truth behind essay writing services is to show students that they don’t have to bear the entire academic burden on their shoulders.

So, let’s address each issue one at a time and check whether there is any truth behind these misconceptions.

  • Issue #1:Do essay writing services plagiarise from other sources?

The simple answer is – No.

If you hire a reliable essay guidance service, the chances of dealing with plagiarised content diminish significantly.

Plagiarism continues to be one of the most recurring issues among students. Even when you try to actively avoid plagiarism in your own essays, you can’t guarantee that your paper won’t have a high plagiarism score if you unintentionally plagiarise someone’s work.

But professional essay writing services use high-end plagiarism detector tools that instantly identify all traces of plagiarism within seconds. In case a paper has a high plagiarism score, the experts modify those sections.

They even attach detailed plagiarism reports so students can check the authenticity themselves.

  • Issue #2:Will your personal data be compromised if you hire online essay writing services?

Again, the answer is NO.

Online academic guidance websites are legally required to protect the personal data of students who hire their services. Any leak in data will jeopardise their business and make them vulnerable to lawsuits.

Naturally, no business wants to face such a harrowing situation.

According to some of the leading academic writing services I’ve interviewed, student data isn’t stored on their internal drives. They do not demand students share personal information that might compromise their security. Instead, students are only required to share their email addresses and contact information for updates.

Moreover, these websites claim to wipe students’ information from their systems once they remove their accounts.

  • Issue #3:Will you land in trouble if you hire essay writing services?

Most students are hesitant to hire professional essay writing services because they think they might land in legal trouble. However, THIS IS NOT TRUE.

The solutions provided by essay writing services should be considered samples that you can check whenever you struggle to write your paper. The writers compose every paper from scratch, keeping your suggestions and requirements in mind. However, if you check the fine print, the websites always warn students against copying the solutions verbatim and passing them off as their own.

Such papers will be considered plagiarised, which can land you in trouble. But if you use these samples appropriately, you need not worry about legal problems.


  • Issue #4:Will the solutions be up to the academic standards?

Honestly, the answer might be a yes or a no, depending on the essay writing service you hire.

There’s no doubt that students have received outstanding essay solutions after hiring such services. But on the flip side, some have genuinely been deceived with false promises. Therefore, whether you receive excellent solutions or not depends entirely on the quality of services you hire.


  • Issue #5:Isn’t it expensive to hire essay writing services?

Hiring professional academic websites is NEVER so expensive that you’ll burn through all your savings.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter websites that take advantage of students’ academic worries and overcharge them for professional services. On the other hand, you’ll also discover several websites that claim to provide excellent services at dirt-cheap prices.

Avoid both at all costs and try to find a website where the prices are reasonable.

After all, expensive doesn’t always mean better. And if an offer seems too good to be true, then there’s definitely a catch.


  • Issue #6:Will the experts submit essays on time?

Yes, you can receive your essays on time as long as you hire a reliable expert who won’t let you down.

Students are inclined to hire professional help to meet tight deadlines and avoid late submissions. But before you hire anyone, go through the website’s policies to check whether they provide refunds for late submissions. The review section should also give you a good idea about their turnaround rate.


To sum it up,

The myths and misconceptions surrounding essay writing services arise from fear and suspicion. Of course, it’s natural for students to think twice before hiring such services since their grades are on the line. But when you conduct proper research into a particular website and keep an eye out for red flags, you can avoid the common quality issues that students encounter from time to time.


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Emma Reynold is a PhD in German Literature, providing cheap essay writing services in the UK at She has helped thousands of students over the past 5 years and has garnered an excellent reputation for her outstanding essays.

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