Strategies for Eco-Friendly Packaging for E-Commerce Businesses

In recent years, the behavior of buyers has changed a lot. Gone are the days, when customers did not care about the packing. Now they ensure that the products must be in Eco-Friendly Packaging that does not harm the environment. If you are running a business and going to start. Then you should consider sustainable strategies that will mark a difference and help your business to grow. Taking care of our environment is not only a social work but it is also a duty.

Why Eco-Friendly Packaging is important?

The environment has been impacted badly by global warming. With the industrial revolution and the change in lifestyle, the use of plastic increased drastically. In the beginning, consumers did not care about extreme plastic use practices. As a result, the waste increased manifold and turned into landfill and marine litter. Because plastic takes hundreds of years for its decomposition. The release of toxic elements and greenhouse gasses causes global warming. The severe repercussions due to this global warming led the people to take this issue seriously.


Companies are adopting sustainable solutions to protect the environment. Moreover, it helps them to grow their businesses too. Especially after the episode of Covid-19, e-commerce expanded exponentially. From this perspective, the demand for Eco-Friendly Packaging has become the need of the hour.

Top Best Strategies for Eco-Friendly Packaging

You are planning to make your e-commerce business sustainable from an environmental perspective. But you are facing trouble regarding it. Here are the best strategies for sustainable packaging for your e-commerce business.

Share Practices for Recycling and Disposal

Educating your consumers about the disposal and recycling of packaging material is always worth it. Top brands mention the procedure of disposing of waste on the packing. Why is it necessary to educate the customers regarding this? Because making packaging eco-friendly is not enough. Disposing and recycling them correctly is all that is essential. Most consumers are unaware of the right wasting procedure. That’s why guiding them is important. Always mention on your packaging the disposal and recycling practices.


Avoid Extra Packaging All Over Supply Chain

Retailers often use extra packaging during the supply chain. Also, companies add extra things in the boxes to optimize their products. Product bagged or bundled in many ways before it reaches its end-user. Find out all steps of merchandising that how the waste is produced in the supply chain. In this way, you will be able to reduce waste by eliminating all extra materials.


Work with vendors and suppliers regarding this concern. Try to figure out the best sustainable solutions. Don’t overuse and overproduce the products. Talk to your supply chain partners to use eco-friendly materials all over the process.

Recycled Materials for Packaging

Recycling is the practice to enhance the life of the used material by making them enable for the next use. It is one of the best ways to reduce waste and lessen the impact of harmful materials on the environment. Use those boxes, containers, and mailers that are recyclable. One of the best examples of recyclable material is paperboard cardboard. Paper is lightweight because it is made of paper pulp.

Use Smaller Packaging for Shipping

Reducing the packaging material will reduce the carbon footprint. It means using Eco-Friendly Packaging like small containers, bags, and boxes for products. Practicing this will help you to be sustainable in your business. Moreover, it will reduce the shipping cost. Purchase those packaging that could fit according to the size of the products. It should not be extra small or large. For example, pack each component of your furniture of equal size separately. Similarly, the bedding and apparel fold correctly that easily fit in a smaller packing.

Edible Packaging to Eliminate Waste

The wonderful fact about the packing is that it could be edible. For example, most shoppers use the cone for ice cream. The cone of the ice cream perfectly holds it and consumers eat it after finishing the product. It is a perfect example, especially for beverages and food products. Moreover, food companies are introducing edible straws, spoons, and cups too. These edible packings are made of pure natural products like starch and corn. They comply with all the health standards and have nutritional benefits.


The biggest advantage of edible packaging is that it does not create any kind of waste. Owing to the sustainable and health benefits, companies are quickly adopting this strategy. Wrapping around the cakes and the candies are also edible now.

Plant-Based Packaging

Plant-based packaging is the perfect sustainable material. Because this packaging contains natural products like seaweed, food waste, and mushrooms. However, packaging should be according to your product. Bioplastics are perfect for food products as it does not affect their flavors. Durable eco-friendly packaging materials made out of mushrooms or cornstarch are good options for bulkier items.

Bottom Line

There are numerous strategies for Eco-Friendly Packaging that will help you to expand your e-commerce business. It is integral from the consumer’s perspective. Your brand awareness will increase which will generate large revenues and boost your sales. Because the protection of the environment has become a concern of every person. Before purchasing the product, customers will definitely look for sustainable packaging.



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